Nani’s Political Avatar Takes Center Stage in ‘Hi Nanna’ Poster

Natural Star Nani has donned a politician’s attire in the latest poster of his upcoming film ‘Hi Nanna,’ creating a buzz on social media. The actor, known for his versatile roles, surprises fans with a unique promotional strategy.

Embracing Politics for ‘Hi Nanna’

In a Twitter reveal alongside co-star Mrunal Thakur, Nani showcases his politician-like dressing style. Despite the political aura, it’s clarified that this move is a promotional tactic rather than a political venture. The poster carries the intriguing quote, “Hi to everyone – Love-filled ballot box office from December 7th.”

Fan Applause on Twitter

The Twitterverse is already abuzz with appreciation for Nani’s political makeover. Fans express their support with comments like “Nice Promotion” and “My vote is for you.” The use of love and funny emojis indicates the positive reception of this unexpected twist.

  • Fans applaud Nani’s creativity
  • Social media abuzz with positive comments
  • Humorous emojis enhance engagement

‘Hi Nanna’: A Family Entertainer with Emotional Depth

Directed by Shouryuv, ‘Hi Nanna’ is anticipated to be an emotionally charged family entertainer. The film marks Mrunal Thakur’s return to Telugu cinema, adding an extra layer of excitement for the audience.

  • Shouryuv directs the emotionally charged film
  • Mrunal Thakur’s comeback to Telugu cinema

What’s Next for Nani?

As fans eagerly await ‘Hi Nanna,’ Nani is also set to grace the silver screen in ‘Saripodhaa Sanivaaram’ alongside Priyanka Mohan, scheduled for release in 2024. The actor’s versatile roles continue to captivate audiences.

  • Nani’s upcoming project ‘Saripodhaa Sanivaaram’
  • Anticipation for Nani’s future roles
  • Read more

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